Project Development / Label Design

Over the past half-century, Citation Clinical Labeling Systems has learned that no two clinical studies are ever the same.  Therefore, we strive to provide unique, innovative, and creative solutions through using our extensive catalog of experience for inspiration.  With our rich portfolio of design layouts and labeling solutions, we are able to consistently deliver no matter how complicated the projects’ requirements.  When creating a new project, or re-working an old one, our label designers diligently craft a layout specific to each label type dependent on which CTM you may be utilizing.  From initial sizing, to end-user specifications, Citation takes all aspects of a clinical study into account in order to guarantee efficiency and success.

Randomization Creation

Look to Citation to create a randomization scheme for your upcoming project. Utilizing our proprietary, fully-validated software application, we will prepare a file based upon your protocol parameters. Just provide us with the Block, Ratio, Treatment Groups, and Range of Numbers, and within three business days, the certified worksheet and associated Excel file will be sent to you electronically.  Need a shuffled rand?, a separate tab will be added to the Excel file.

Computerization / Coding

Citation is able to provide our clients with computerization/coding services that provide you with ready-to-use labels, specifically designed and manufactured based on your specific needs. This service allows you to purchase single-panel, two-panel, and booklet, open and/or blinded labels with an almost unlimited number of variable data fields. Our Project Management team will discuss and review your exact needs. Our Label Design professionals will create proofs for your signoff. Once approvals of your labels and randomization scheme are received, our Label Control group will run your job, one label type, one treatment group at a time. All runs are separately identified and packaged prior to shipment, for ease of packaging/applying as the next step.

In-House Manufacturing

Since 1963, Citation has been a well-respected partner to many of the world’s largest and smallest pharmaceutical companies. Over the years, we have learned that the more control you have over your manufacturing processes, the better you are able to service your client’s ever growing and changing needs. With that in mind, Citation manufactures in-house, all of the various label types that we offer to our clients. Printed labels are available in many different configurations, including single- and multi-panel, complete with your choice of stock, tints, and designs. Have your own printers? Let Citation create your blank labels!

Automated Inspection Systems

Perhaps the only thing as important as your labels is their accuracy.  In an industry with zero tolerance for errors, it is our job to automate for perfection.  With our automated variable data vision scanning system, the CIT3000, we can inspect your labels in a third of the time compared to the old way of manual inspection. Our system is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant ready and continues to provide fully archived batch records, high speed OCR/OCV inspection for both static and variable text, blemish detection, barcode verification, and both sequential and duplicate checking in a single run.  For you, that means faster turnaround times with unparalleled accuracy that eliminates human inspection errors and only requires a 100% validated inspection.  For multi-lingual booklet labels, randomized single and multi-paneled labels, blank labels, tamper seals, and custom configurations – when accuracy counts, you can count on Citation Clinical Labeling Systems.

Inventory Management

Citation Clinical Labeling Systems offers a state of the art warehouse designed to allow our customers sufficient storage for all of their clinical trial labeling projects. Our facility is monitored for temperature, humidity, and pest control 24 hours a day. In order to cut down on cost and timing of booklet labels, we can offer our clientele the ability to print static (general) booklets initially, store them for free for the life of their study, and code the labels with the required randomized data on a campaign by campaign basis. This allows our customers to pay lower per unit prices because of the mass production of booklet labels up front, while cutting project timing in half on a campaign basis.  This flexibility provides a simple value added solution not found elsewhere in the industry, while also guaranteeing the best results.  We also offer label storage for all of your labeling products if you choose not to keep them in house.  For more information on pricing and availability, please speak to one of our representatives today!