Citation Clinical Labeling Systems’ Executive Management team has over 55 years of combined experience in Clinical Trial Materials, Packaging, Labeling, and Print Manufacturing processes.


Citation Clinical Labeling Systems’ Business Development Department is responsible for a combination of strategic analysis, project consultation, marketing, and sales. The departments primary function circles around development of our clients’ projects and protocols, expanding our internal product line, creation of marketing strategies, and ultimately the generation of sales and new business opportunities.  We have vast experiences when setting up and negotiating NDAs, CDAs, and GSAs, as well as Technical & Quality Agreements in order to form partnerships and strategic alliances within the clinical supplies industry.


As Citation Clinical Labeling Systems continues to grow, we continuously analyze and refine our processes to ensure we provide products and services as effectively and efficiently as possible. From our wealth of experience, it is evident that by consistently fine-tuning processes, we give our organization and our clients’ projects a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Our key goal is to meet the increasingly complex demands for all of our clients worldwide. Even when our clients’ needs change – whether due to economic factors, new product introductions, mergers or acquisitions, expansion or contraction; it is our responsibility to continuously review processes for potential improvements and efficiencies that enable us to adapt for the future.


The Label Design Department at Citation Clinical Labeling Systems is responsible for taking the fundamentals that clients need presented on a label, and bringing them to life in a functional, user-friendly, and eye-catching way. Utilizing a vibrant background in design and a keen eye for detail, this team ensures that clients’ product exceeds expectations. Our goal is to ensure that the outer label showcases the importance of what’s inside; all while taking the greatest care to ensure 100% accuracy. No design is too challenging, and no packaging concept is too implausible. At Citation, we rise to any challenge to deliver the most cutting edge designs and concepts.


Citation’s products and services are proven integral solutions to some of the world’s most demanding clinical supply labeling requirements.  Whatever your needs may be, Citation’s half century of experience can help.  We continue to be a global leader and manufacturer of clinical supply labels (printed or unprinted), booklets and expanded content labels, code break reports, case report forms, vision inspection systems, printers, and offset printing services.  No matter the stock or the complexity of your project, ask us , we can help!


Quality can’t be developed overnight; it takes time, effort, and dedication to excellence.  Year-in and year-out Citation Clinical Labeling Systems has earned the respect of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for implementing technology and always striving to advance.  One hundred percent compliance is not a goal to be strategized over and eventually achieved.  It is the day to day, 24/7, SOP of our industry and our company.  The alternative is simply not an option and that is why Citation’s quality control program is seen as industry standard.  For over half a century our experts have known the secret to producing a quality product…Respect the details and value the relationship!

Ann Sisalli

Senior Manager, Quality Assurance
(631) 293-4646 ext. 226


Citation Clinical Labeling Systems knows that our employees are our most precious commodity, and we do everything we can to support their proactive and solution oriented functions.  It is our goal to build an organization that people can take pride in.  For more information on Citation, or if interested in pursuing a career opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us!

For more information or to speak with the accounting department please contact us today at 631-293-4646 ext. 216

Ilysa Ziscand

Manager, Accounting and Human Resources
(631) 293-4646 ext. 216


Citation Clinical Labeling Systems’ Shipping/Receiving department is in charge of all incoming and outgoing shipments at our facility. The department has expertise in global logistics and will make sure that your labels are securely packaged to arrive at their final destination, on time and ready to be used.


(631) 293-4646 Ext. 231